24/7 Threat Monitoring


Proactively Monitoring Threats across Web, Dark Web and Social Media

What we do…

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ThreatMinder provides 24/7 monitoring of data streams from major social media, on-line platforms, message boards, and other public forums enabling broad visibility and insight into the communications around many different types of business assets – from executives and locations, to events, products and employees. The ThreatMinder platform represents a highly customizable monitoring service that scours the internet and dark web, applying machine learning to ingest, normalize and monitor data into a comprehensive real-time view. By combining scalable data capture and analytics with human filtering and oversight, ThreatMinder efficiently identifies and escalates issues of concern providing the most technically advanced real-time monitoring digital risk platform available.


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Our Process

01 Risk Analysis and Process Review – Together we conduct a comprehensive threat review and analysis of a broad range of potential vulnerabilities to your business. Above all, we listen - and while many corporate assets to monitor are self-evident, we typically find that a third party’s inquiry and influence in identifying all potential liabilities helps capture and prioritize a firm’s threat management objectives. We then agree and clearly communicate threat reporting procedures including cases of direct and mutual third party escalation (i.e. law enforcement).

02 Monitor – Once potential risks have been identified, the ThreatMinder Platform goes to work, monitoring all available social, public and media platforms as well as private forums and the dark web for information, activity, and changes in “consensus” around targeted topics. The vast majority of ThreatMinder monitoring is automated, and flows in a logical progression of data gathering, machine learning analysis, and filtering.

03 Verification – Critical to the analysis and integration of large data sets is the ability to rationalize and compare dissimilar raw data sources with unique schema attached to them. While understanding the relationship between schemas is one of the fundamental challenges of AI, the ThreatMinder Platform leverages the most advanced tools available today to understand the interrelations between data sets and verify information sources and assets for analyst evaluation.

04 Analyze – Once threats have been identified and confirmed via the ThreatMinder Platform, our team of specialists ingests escalated information by category to perform a thorough evaluation of threat relevance and score viability based on human insight and experience. Any additional inquiry is expedited to confirm and score potential threats based on a pre-determined priority and then passed on to the specific reporting processes chosen.

05 Report – We communicate with ThreatMinder partners quickly and in clear summary based on their specific criteria. Threats of eminent physical violence or property damage may be referred to in-house legal personnel for civil injunction or, depending on the severity, potentially criminal prosecution. Anonymous threats may be escalated to security teams including law enforcement for collaboration and identity discovery.  Information breach or brand liabilities may also require external escalation.  All reporting criteria and processes will be clearly defined in the initial Risk Analysis process (Step 1).

06 Proactive Threat Response – Once threats are identified and communicated, we can work with the customer to Proactively Respond.  From online responses to threats to helping remove problems, reporting to authorities and much more; Proactive Threat Response allows FAST action thereby limiting risk, liability and other issues.

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What We Don’t Do

At ThreatMinder we stay focused.  We believe the problem we are working on is worthy of 100% commitment and everything else is a distraction from being the leading threat detection platform in the world. The reason: Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created (see below infographic from our friends at DOMO). Attempting to access and monitor the exploding world of digital information is one of the most complex problems of our time.  Until quantum computing is available, sifting through the digital universe leveraging parallel computing to distinguish chatter from real threat and to cross reference, verify and report requires our absolute commitment. We have fielded inquiries for use of the ThreatMinder platform for: due diligence, reputation reviews, executive deep background checks, legal research, M&A research and other uses. In each case we have respectfully declined licensing or use of the platform in order to maintain focus.  That said, in addition to working directly with top brands, we do partner with world leading broad-based security providers who plug the ThreatMinder platform into their overall service which allows us to stay focused as part of a best-in-class product set.

We do NOT track individual users based on username, location, or any other privacy intrusive means. We want everyone to be SAFE while working or playing.

We do NOT target individuals based on username, location or any other privacy intrusive means. We believe in the overall good of everyone - that is specifically why we want people and places to be SAFE for ALL.

We do NOT target or track groups specific to their location, username or any other privacy intrusive means. We want everyone to be SAFE and comfortable while at work or play.

How We Do It

Ensuring the Best Threat Monitoring Service with 3 Stages



ThreatMinder uses multiple Data Access Levels to ensure the most complete Threat Monitoring:

Level 1

·      Web & Dark Web

From publishing platforms to blogs, forums, and overall websites; ThreatMinder leverages unique technology to gather all the relevant data from the Web and Dark Web

Level 2

·      API Integration

We have integrated with multiple platform-based APIs to ensure Real-Time and accurate Data Flows from Social Media and publishing platforms

Level 3

·      Authenticated API

ThreatMinder leverages oAuth capabilities to gain access to your Assets’ Social Media platforms.  oAuth allows ThreatMinder to Monitor private messages and private responses, while garnering additional metadata information types (location, usernames, and much more)



ThreatMinder filters the overall data from STAGE 1 by using multiple proprietary technical markers including:

·      Filters

·      Keywords

·      Key Phrases

·      Location

·      Artificial Intelligence

By constantly evolving and refining your Asset Monitoring, we provide a highly targeted designated Threat acknowledgement.  This private technology allows ThreatMinder to ensure we remove and eliminate as many False Positive results as possible.\



ThreatMinder employs a final stage of Filtering to ensure THE MOST ACCURATE Threat notifications possible.  We ensure every Threat Match is Monitored by an actual Security Analyst.  Our Analysts are specially trained to identify Threats, while removing the general ‘noise’ of false positives.  Once a Threat is actually identified, we provide Notification to our partner via an API Push.

ThreatMinder can also work with your business to Proactively Respond.  From direct response to taking down possible threats and issues; we engage FAST to ensure limited risk, liability and downside due to Threats.

Combining all 3 Stages, ThreatMinder produces the Best Threat Monitoring available.

Know your Threats. Know your Risks. Know your Liability