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The 6 Corporate Assets Monitored for Threats:

Locations, Executives, Personnel, Events, Products, Brands

Threats to businesses can take a devastating toll - from employee morale to business valuation.  Worse still, a business NOT knowing about threats being posted online - and then that threat being acted upon. Such a devastating effect on financial liability, brand valuation, and business effectiveness can not be tolerated.

We have seen TOO MANY examples of threats being posted without a business realizing:

* Terrorist attacks on a recent concert was telegraphed via Twitter

* Recent ex-employee had threatened to attack his old business - and did so with devastating effect

ThreatMinder is a purpose-built platform that monitors, analyzes and notifies businesses of any potential on-line threats to their company assets. The ThreatMinder system scours the internet, dark web and social media data streams using a proprietary combination of technologies to identify potential risks. Once detected, ThreatMinder analysts categorize and communicate possible dangers in real time to ThreatMinder partners via API integration.

ThreatMinder enables broad visibility and insight into the data-stream chatter concerning diverse business assets – from executives and locations, to events, products and employees.

With ThreatMinder – dangers to your brand, business and personnel are known, understood, and acted on appropriately.

If you are ready to understand your business' threat status across social media, contact us @ info@threatminder.com or use the form below.




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Threats can come from anywhere these days. We now know the where, how, and from whom they are coming.
— Major Hospital Network


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