24/7 Threat Monitoring

Our Focus

Multi-faceted Monitoring 


Asset Based Focus:

Our 6 Pillars of Threat Monitoring


Focusing on specific location based threats can help deter a bad actor from following through. By parsing data and posts by Location, we can determine the validity of specific threats. Providing such information to internal corporate systems or security personnel, can minimize possible damage from a pending, known action.


Has a specific product been targeted for Threats? If so, we can help identify, secure, and mitigate those threats. From a new product launch to an existing legacy system, oftentimes threats targeting these instances cause significant damage. Let's separate these threats, identify and nullify them.


Bringing hundreds, if not thousands, of people together in one place, provides an ample soft target for possible wrong doers.  Monitoring the chatter, the posts, and the threats; we can provide pre-warning to possible issues that arise.


Important corporate personnel, from executives to brand spokespeople, can be targets of threats such as blackmail, kidnapping, and other negative instances. By tracking such possible threats, we can understand any potential issues.


Posting negative and damaging thoughts or threats about a specific brand, can cause significant valuation liability.  Following brand sentiment, both negative and positive, can provide a clear understanding of just what is happening across Social Media, Blog and Publishing platforms.


Contractors, sub-contractors, employees and ex-employees can cause major liability damage if posted threats become acted upon.  Having a contractor cause a major disruption via physical or valuation based threat and action, will result in major business damage. By cross-referencing lists, posts, usernames, and other Machine Learning-based instances; we can compartmentalize and remove such possible actions.

Case Studies


The ThreatMinder Platform has successfully identified, verified and escalated specific threats to known brands across a broad set of scenarios. ThreatMinder maintains strict confidentiality of customers and threat categories, but has listed sample threat management scenarios by permission below:

Event Disruption

A multinational consumer/retail brand planned to hold a company rally supporting a national (US) day recognizing a disenfranchised group of workers that included many company employees. Given the scope of the rally, the company added the event to ThreatMinder proactive monitoring and a series of threats including hate speech were identified. After analyst evaluation two separate sources of risk were escalated to internal resources for law enforcement support days prior to the event. While the likelihood of a dangerous outcome is difficult to predict, brand executives were able to minimize company exposure and communicated a belief that the civil injunction process initiated against the sources of threat may have acted as a deterrent.

Disgruntled Employee

A regional commercial property management firm elected to monitor an employee who was in the later stages of a Performance Improvement Plan to retain employment. After the employee was dismissed for poor performance, multiple brand tarnishing instances were detected on social media including veiled threats of repercussion. A summary was presented to the property management firm’s HR group and in-house counsel was engaged to contact the employee with a final cease and desist warning which was effective. The former employee was monitored for an additional 6 months without further issue.

International Travel

A US investment bank executive was asked to travel to Mexico City for the closing of a financing requiring a two week stay. ThreatMinder initiated monitoring of Mexico City for US sentiment changes or escalations, identifying politically motivated anti-U.S. sentiment on the rise including threats of violence against U.S. interests. The report was verified and escalated to the bank’s security personnel and a decision was made to change planned accommodations and accompany the executive with personal protection. The closing was achieved without incident.