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The best practices of Silicon Valley meet the counterintelligence capabilities of the CIA.

Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution delivers actionable insights and operational analytics, not complicated raw data. On the back-end, from our combined 60+ years of work in counterintelligence and technology, we have created sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms attached real-world use cases.

Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes real-time risk and threats for multiple use cases. Pulling data from open source, corporate and private sources, the ThreatMinder Solution assesses language, tone and sentiment to identify any possible threats to you. Threats are then verified by our artificial intelligence, preventing false positive alerts, while avoiding raw data streams. Operational Analytics and Actionable insights means safety to our clients, no matter the use case.

We know Risk can be Used to GROW and PROTECT a business, and that all aspects of threat and risk are interconnected.

From locations to supply chains, from vendors to clients to executives, ThreatMinder is the most powerful, proactive, simple-to-use, and affordable Risk-as-a-Service Solution.

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