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Who we are

ThreatMinder was founded by a team of software experts - purpose selected individuals with deep knowledge of deep search, analytics, artificial intelligence and specific issue threats. Our proprietary systems are built from the ground up to access, evaluate and escalate the broadest set of data sources available.  While real-time monitoring of the internet and social media has been a category of recent product “expansion” for very capable firms providing end-to-end risk management, threat assessment/response and corporate intelligence, we have taken a very different, and we believe more serious approach to this category. 

Put simply – it’s all we do.  It drives the design and roadmap of our systems, and defines the analysts we hire and the data science specialists we have been fortunate to attract. We believe there is a direct correlation between visibility of company-related chatter across the internet and dark web, and company security.

Because the most devastating event to a corporation’s assets might just be the event that could have been avoided.